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Malin Kundang Foreign Country Malin Culture

By Edy Utama
RoomsIn recent decades, our culture has done much overseas to a foreign country, and once again return home to face shyly. But there is also a Chinese migrate because it was never returned to his hometown. He became a forgotten Prodigal Son. Our culture is like a legend of Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang go wander and then returned home after Rich and had a beautiful wife from a distant land. He brings a variety of attributes and symbols of new, relatively little known in his mother country sendiri.perjumpaan occurred, between the two is not as familiar with each other and no longer felt to have a common past. Even they felt strange and distant. Among them are difficult to reconcile the curtain separators.
Thankfully then, the faithful waited Mother Malin Kundang village, in memory of his past still can get to know a little sign in their children. The mother is very confident, the man who was accompanied by a beautiful woman with all these attributes, is his biological child. Children who are born from the womb of the cultural heritage of their ancestors. The mother greeted her son with a sense of chaos and anxiety, fearing the child no longer recognize him. The mother hoped Malin Kundang not forget. But Malin Kundang no longer so recognizing her past, though in him sometimes appear trajectories memories of the village, about his mother, about his childhood, about her brothers, but everything tangible in the vagueness of memory. He was not so sure about her past, because for Malin Kundang have wander no longer need the past. He has become the present, in the middle age who can provide his worldly needs. That's also the why, when the cultural encounter between he and his mother, between shoreline and village, between past and present, he no longer felt an emotional connection between them. Malin Kundang no longer able to recognize and mengarifi encounter such as cultural events that have a history of continuous rope. Rope's history has been lost or decided by the present experience, which was so thunderous, riveting, instant, exotis, naked, memabukan, the world is always rocked and all forms of novelty that always dreamed of. Malin Kundang have experienced the discontinuity of history with its own cultural environment, which previously had been caring for and rearing.
As we know, Malin Kundang beerakhir myth with a tragedy. A chaotic. But, perhaps also a cultural liberation from worldly exploration conducted Malin Kundang. He has become a symbol that is foreign to the culture of its own past. A symbol that no longer knows who gave birth to the earth. Because of that, he then cursed the mother as a child, the rebellious, and then to stone. Malin Kundang later became a symbol of defiance and Disclaimer cultural past. He even cursed simultaneously.
But Malin Kundang Wrong? blame mothers who have given birth to her past Wrong? Kininya Wrong time? Wrong place he grew up? Blame the people who have been nurtured? Dunno.Does that go Malin Kundang caused inconvenience to nurture cultural environment can be blamed as the rebellious child? Is not perantauannya encouraged by the fact that the cultural environment and the community where he grew up is no longer perceived as something that can appease the anxiety he felt kulkural? So there are reasons hidden in his mother's culture, which is not as deliberate and questionable as sources of cultural anxiety of Malin Kundang. In this context, Malin Kundang can be seen as someone who wants to find a new heaven is more in line with bathinnya own turmoil, but not incomprehensible by its cultural history can be regarded as a dissident? Or just a choice, because the pressure, siege and temptations surrounding culture that not inevitable?
But her mother, who is past Malin Kundang, may also not be blamed. He has been waiting for and maintain a culture that abandoned house Malin Kundang. Mother is always waiting and hoping, Malin Kundang a time will come back again and be familiar with his past. The mother still wants retelling tales from the city baratah bran, which became the game to bed in his small Malin Kundang. The mother sngat hope Malin Kundang kepangkuannya cultural heritage in the home, which already began to be abandoned by many people of his village.
The Soprano State: New Jersey's Culture of CorruptionA legend, a cultural event, whether that comes from the past or in the future from the present, very open to be interpreted from different perspectives. Nothing could be construed as singular.This interpretation moves and develops in accordance with the context of its time and human experience in it. A culture of any nature, always in need of a new interpretation that is dynamic, so it can catch the signs of the times are changing. Ability to read and provide commentary about the past, about what had happened and to trends-tendention future dar surrounded in all directions.
So also with Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang mungkindapat interpreted as a cultural manifestation of a variety of different viewpoints. During the time he was regarded more as a child and later became a rock because it was disobedient to his mother. The view of Malin Kundang as the prodigal son seems to have become part of our cultural paradigm. But for writers A.A. Navis, the exact opposite. For A.A. Navis is a rebel against it instead. A.A. Navis has provided a new interpretation of Malin Kundang.
In this context I think it is interesting to listen back to what has been ditulus literary AA Navis.In one of his short stories, rebellious mother Malin Kundang AA Navis has sharply actualize more kontektual issues of cultural surroundings. Through this short story, AANavis mengemukan various fundamental problems in our cultural life, whether that comes from both past and present, ppersoalan gap between generations, cultural loyalty and betrayal as well as within it, has been described through a new interpretation of the legend of Malin Kundang. With different arguments, AA Navis provides new reasons why Malin Kundang as children age to insubordination and rebellion against his mother. In these short stories, A.A. Navis seems to want to reaffirm, that the sedition Malin Kudndang against her mother, not the Kundang Malin tersebab by itself, but rather is driven by cultural attitudes that have been abandoned Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang for A.A. Navis has become a symbol of cultural dissent is constructive.
Culture of Corruption Unabridged on 8 CDsAs told in these stories, when Malin Kundang return home with a beautiful wife, and of course with a fortune earned in the overseas, Malin Kundang furious because he saw his village itself has changed. Has become an arid region, because it encroached dried for various purposes. Its natural wealth, culture, and all the beautiful things that are still preserved when Malin Kundang will go to overseas, have vanished in the bare earth. Malin Kundang found massive devastation of his homeland. He no longer find the familiarity of her past. That is what caused the Malin Kundang considers his mother was unable to keep and maintain it.
Malin Kundang tantrum does not make her angry, because they have felt guilty keeping mandate. Her mother even berhiba-hiba on Malin Kundang. That's also the version of this short story does not condemn Mother Malin Kundang as a prodigal son. But Malin Kundang who then cursed himself, so to stone. Malin Kundang memjadi not the rebellious children, but she also felt guilty about letting his country was destroyed when he was doing overseas. Malin Kundang angry with himself and cursed. Malin Kundang have chosen cultural courage to undertake a radical criticism against itself. A very rare courage.
From this new tragedy Malin Kundang began to question our culture. The tragedy that gave birth to a variety of cultural anxiety because after that, the more who leave and do the overseas kamoungnya far into another world, filled with uncertainty and ketidakkepastian. Meniggalkan Bamyak people leave without mempersoalkanmasa tradition and celebrate the past and the future. The celebration is what we now call the celebration of mass culture. Everything is poured into the mainland culture of life is so frenzied and memabukan. But not many who dare to choose to become Malin Kundang like the short stories of AA Navis.
Commentaries A.A. Navis about the legend of Malin Kundang through this short story, I think something very appropriate to describe, described our cultural situation today. The cultural situation in rags, without cultural roots, full of paradox, and torn between the desire result from withdrawing to continue the tradition inherited by the mass culture that is driven by the power of capitalism with all its industrial-strength technology. Malin Kundang which will be drawn A.A.Navis, are Malin Kundang that no patient has been doing wilayan crossing cultural traditions of the mass culture with a cultural responsibility.
Several decades in the life of our culture, it has occurred a massive cultural migration. There has been a long overseas denganmeninggalkan own hometown. Many supporters of the traditions of various ethnic cultures in Indonesia, who immigrated to the cities as a shoreline that became the basis of the growth of mass culture. Now the villages have been encroached upon also by the mass culture. Many nomads who came home, and pass it, either directly or through advanced technology. Unfortunately not many are willing to be as described Malin Kundang AANavis, who had the courage to curse himself, as a cultural responsibility. We would rather blame someone else, so avoid feeling guilty .***

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