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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Malin Kundang Foreign Country Malin Culture

By Edy Utama
RoomsIn recent decades, our culture has done much overseas to a foreign country, and once again return home to face shyly. But there is also a Chinese migrate because it was never returned to his hometown. He became a forgotten Prodigal Son. Our culture is like a legend of Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang go wander and then returned home after Rich and had a beautiful wife from a distant land. He brings a variety of attributes and symbols of new, relatively little known in his mother country sendiri.perjumpaan occurred, between the two is not as familiar with each other and no longer felt to have a common past. Even they felt strange and distant. Among them are difficult to reconcile the curtain separators.

National Heroes for People PRRI

By Wisran Hadi
It was impossible it could happen! How could it be given the title of national hero to PRRI figures, when all thoughts of the people of West Sumatra to this day still consider that the turbulent area called PRRI it as a rebellion.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Building a Wall-Julo Bajulo Sea


La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery ChargerBy Nasrul Azwar

After my article about the need for the sea wall was built as one form of anticipatory effort founded by tsunami waves along the coast of West Sumatra, published in this newspaper (Singgalang, 22/10/2007), and the next day it says Emeraldy Chatra (Padang Ekspres, 23 / 10/2007), in the same tone, I send short messages to mobile phones Mayor Fauzi Bahar Padang.

A Story of People's Representative

By Nasrul Azwar

My friend told me about one kurenah legislators who come from a district in West Sumatra. Name of representative members of these people, call it DR (HC) Sidi sling. She benefited from the electoral system. Somehow the logic of calculation, Sidi strap suddenly been sat on the loveseat Parliament from the Party, ESQ, call it used to be. Title in his name attached to it, who should not forget to write, no clear history and the history peraihannya. Suddenly there.

O, The Oprah Magazine (2-year)My friend's stories like this. Like other agencies, legislators do have the container of the organization to gather fellow legislators. The container name of All-Indonesian Association of Assembly Members (AADSI), call it such. The same was done fellow governors, regents and mayors as Indonenesia. Fortunately, only one president in this country, if more, the association would also emerged.

One time, AADSI hold a meeting in Jayapura, Papua province. All members of parliament are expected to attend in this city. DR (HC) Sidi strap long ago had been preparing his departure. For him, this grand meeting of the most important.

As usual, the parliament secretariat to prepare a makisimal everything, including the selected ticket executive. As many as 25 people leaving council members together in a single plane. Throughout ditampuah angok nose, this is the first time DR (HC) increased persawat Sidi sling. If not a member of the legislature, he probably will never ride patatabang.

With full confidence, and slightly raise my head (be advised members of the legislature), with entourage, DR (HC) Sidi strap down the corridor Minangkabau International Airport. And continue to enter the hatch. His heart was glad. He chooses a chair near the window. Was knocked down in his chair. Same time, a flight attendant approached the DR ((HC) Sidi sling.

The stewardess said: "Dad had to move seat, sir. Dad's supposed to in the executive? "

Instantly, DR ((HC) Sidi sling scold, "No! No! I'm not an executive. I legislature!"

Passengers who did not catch this one, at its discretion, the flight attendant let alone the DR ((HC) Sidi sling seat was chosen.

DR ((HC) Sidi sling went back look to the left and right, and above. Apparently, he studied all the angles and places from his chair. Seat belts are worn, and when it was he almost shouted to the passengers next to him. With his mother language, DR ((HC) Sidi sling cheered: "Oi relatives, batau juo gup urang patabang ko nan ne yo ride. From ateh patabang ko, yo look sagadang samuik urang urang-nan under tu."

"Tabang square Patabang ko lai, Sir. Still maagekkan masinnyo. Nan musty caliak tu, savannah samuik e, "said the passenger next to him.


Finally, after passing three times in transit, the group landed at Sentani Airport, Jayapura. Here they picked up and escorted to the meeting organizer, at a large hotel.

After resting a while, all the guests were treated to dinner. Because the entire Indonesian legislators come from various different religions, of the committee to provide and share the place of religion in accordance with their respective menus.

Manconconglah DR ((HC) Sidi sling while mencingangak near the desk organizer. Then with a soft and friendly language, the committee also asked the DR ((HC) Sidi sling.

"Sorry sir, you Muslim or ..."?

"Who says I am Muslim. My Sidi sling. Padang Pariaman Regent Muslim (meaning Muslim Eunuch), "said DR ((HC) Sidi strap firmly and confidently.

Tapurangah committee mendengan answer these legislators. And he even let DR ((HC) Sidi strap which passed either to the table.

Three-day meeting was held. Participants returned to their places. Many also are extending the day at the most eastern areas this. But, the group DR (HC) Sidi strap straight home as scheduled.

Arriving at the Airport Cengkareng, DR ((HC) Sidi strap seemed in a hurry. My friends are another surprise. Tagageh Bana DR ((HC) Sidi sling at the airport. "Manga tagageh Bana, Mr. Sidi," said one of the entourage.

"Oi you in the Jakarta ngangak Bana ko ma! That pant, lai musty-moldy deck looks brand tu: Baggage, "said DR ((HC) Sidi sling with his hand pointed to an inscription that hung near the entrance." Disuruahnyo bagageh crew! "

All my friends DR ((HC) Sidi sling smiled, but DR ((HC) Sidi sling did not bother. He still hurried.

Food Network Magazine (1-year)
Anecdotes about members of the legislature is not no social background. At the very least, an indication may be related to the emergence of the obnoxious attitude and also a cynical view of the nature of people's representatives over the years.

The proof, in the daily Singgalang, Wednesday, October 24, 2007, down 3 temperament sickening news of legislators. Two news on page 1 and one 4-page news. The news was essentially related to women. In mid August this year, two members of parliament arrested at a hotel in Bukittinggi. They are accused of using sabu-sabu and doing nasty.

In addition, West Sumatra community Lebaran also created confusion: the majority of legislators in West Sumatra 1999-2004 period (45) people have been declared guilty by law and also rejected kasasinya MA, and already do have legal certainty for panjara thrown in, apparently contradictory with 10 other members; their appeal accepted the Supreme Court, and declared free.

If dideretkan last two years, long dangling dangling temperament legislators in West Sumatra that make people not help wondering: why do things that violate the principle of appropriateness, norms, it conducted?

But, that's the reality. Reality legislators. Representatives elected by the people. It's not impossible, that the anecdote was told by my friend, really happening in this country. If this is so the quality of resources and a mentality that the legislative council: the average same level with DR ((HC) Sidi sling. ***Daily Singgalang, Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yummy Become a Member of the Board

By Nasrul Azwar
Become a member of the House of Representatives was exciting. At least, partially funded with state money to live. Not only council member who received a blessing, family and children can also be sprayed. Because there are also some allowances allocated to children and a wife / husband. Morally, other family-out wife / husband and children, social status come up as well. Thus, the domino effect of a successful council seats, are quite large.

Power Politics as Investments

By Nasrul Azwar
Economistic political culture is a culture which views political power only as an investment. What is on the minds of prospective politicians rather than idealism, but the exchange rate. A prospective politicians are willing to pay hundreds of millions of rupiah because it knew that its investment would pay off bigger. Beside that, socio-economic inequalities also create a political culture in opposition to the equality of political opportunity for the public.