Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ali Sukri Dance

Bride Waves: The Cleft Ikonitas Culture
By Sahrul N
Conditioning for DanceAli Sukri a dance performance entitled "The bride Waves" is a cultural cleavage through the icons universalised motion. Property in such a way as to form grooves that life is always moving without interruption and to the various meanings of human life. Only through a large plastic sheet, the show is filled with inner conflicts of man, especially men who are stricken by disasters. In this case the tragedy of Aceh became the main inspiration of this show. Civil war is not over yet another disaster comes barely anything left. However, this is all there is silver lining. God seemed not bear to see suffering people of Aceh due to a war that never ended. Lord ask for her hand, and keep him away from the arena of war.
"Bride Waves" clearly implies that the disaster that comes from the sea (read: the tsunami) was so heartbreaking and nature seemed to woo the people to be a hero and placed eternity in heaven with his girlfriend. Plastics which floated like a big wave rocked the singing and mourning the dead. Motion graceful dancers who formed the talking bodies, bodies are meaningful.
Sources of motion in this show is a collaborative movement of dance traditions (Minangkabau) and movement of modern dance and contemporary dance movements. Dance tradition to be the foundation footing for a more contemporary performances. This is also a concept in the world of dance interkulturalisme. Interkulturalisme are diversity and cross cultural issues faced by each community (in this case, dance) and the intercept of awareness of open society. This term refers to the process of cooperation, interaction and intersection between cultural groups who have the phenomenon of dance culture. Cross-cultural obtain a new dimension with respect to intensive cross-cultural contiguity either because the process of globalization and the media revolution. Contiguity between cultures, not just beyond geographical boundaries, but also crossed in the time dimension is moving into the past and the future. Compaction of space and time in the process of cross-cultural, natural disassemble the transmission value which is usually passed down generation to generation.
"Bride Waves" comes with a contemporary form of tradition-based. The process of collaboration rather than kill the motion of dance traditions, but trying to integrate motion tradition with modern movement which seems to be creating something new and can be enjoyed by the whole community that supports it. Motion tradition alive and growing in accordance with its function. Creation of something new it will add a wealth of dance works that exist in Indonesia. Here's the changes will be visible.
The concept of cultural meaning that is reflected through the icons semiosis as if split in space and time. Dance talk on the work of a universal movement that emerged as a result of the collaboration of the motions that already exists. Needless to say that there is no sign. In the performing arts of dance, the verbal signs of finding wholeness, for the art of dance performance is complete with the imaginative world in terms of space and time and motion. Statement meaning all existing events in the dance show "the bride, wave and expressed in a linear fashion is a wholeness, too. The cause is itself connotative of events stunami facts that have been modified and in accordance with the interpretive context of the subjectivity of the author's desired action.
Cultural signs in the "bride Waves" is a role metalingual. This can be seen at the time and dihubungan dance is performed with the issues that build cultural reality. There is a socio-cultural background in dance has allowed for a continuity of the previous culture. Could also be a cultural aberration, either in part or whole of a culture that has been established. The dance performance will be seen Ali Sukri culture surrounding the Minangkabau culture and contemporary culture. *

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