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Syahrul Tarun Yusuf

Minang Song Popularity
By Yurnaldi
At one time, around the year 1960 until the 1970s, Minang songs ever victorious and became popular songs in the country. Minang people are not only fans but also people of other ethnicities, even residents of Malaysia's neighbors.
Until now, the songs still sounded Minang played everywhere. Elly Kasim's name, Erni Djohan, Nuskan Syarief, Lily Syarief, Tiar Ramon, for example, many people would memorize poems Minang song they've ever popularize.
If there Minang songs that survive and more popular 30 years, hosted by singing a few filters and recorded many times, until the poem memorized by many people, surely it works Tarun, or a full hood Syahrul Tarun Joseph (often also Satayu abbreviated).
"The songs are created Tarun year 1960 until the 1970s has now become a classic Minang song, still appreciated by the public," said Edy culturalist Main, Monday, January 28, 2002, in Padang.
According to Edy President who is also Chairman of the Arts Council of West Sumatra (DKSB), there are two reasons why the songs of creation Tarun survive tens of years and became a classic Minang song. First, he was very appreciate and understand the culture of Minang-kabau. He was smart to learn from nature, taking nature as symbols of his power. Second: in Minang songs he describes his creation with a very strong collective sense of Minang society. No wonder his songs became very close and impressive with a lot of people.
"Minang song composers are now unable to do that. Naturally, there are no songs popular Minang, unless the works Tarun, "he added.
Similar assessments are disclosed Syuhendri, artists who also holds a mamak ninik progenitor, who was contacted separately in Nagari Balingka, Agam District. He said, "Tarun song lyrics of rich inner experience many people who expressed a strong literary values, so impressive and well liked."
According Syuhendri, singer Elly Kasim popular and can survive as a singer Minang is because the works of Tarun.
For Tarun, is an unexpected, if over a hundred of his songs, the songs became popular, became a classic and timeless songs in Minang society today.
"I embrace the precautionary principle, the origin is not so in creating songs. I have learned much from nature and culture of the Minangkabau. Plus experience, so come feeling, be on track, "he said at his home in Nagari Balingka, Agam regency, West Sumatra.
He revealed, until now there have complaints that are still stored and poetry, according to him, yet can be used as a song. "Minang songs which have become no more less than 300 songs. Who has not be around 100, "said Tarun, while showing the song list, year built, the singer who popularized, and record producer, who Yayasan Karya Cipta Indonesia issued.
His songs have included "Bugih Lamo", "Kasiah Not Up", "Bapisah Bukannyo Bacarai", "Please Mande", "Ranah Balingka", "Gasiang Tangkurak", "Wheels Padati", "Kabau Padati", "Stone Tagak" , "Aia Mato Mande", "father", "Bungo Cinto", "Bungo Bapaga", "Beetle batali", "In Taluak Bayua", "Samalam in India", "Takuik", "'s stay Kampuang", "Oto Triarga "," Alang Bangkeh "," Wind Sarugo "," BUYUANG Boneh "," Cak Cak Suruik Sarak "," Caraikan Denai "," Rain "," Kanai Sijundai "," Minang Maimbau I "," Minang Maimbau II ", "Bagaluik", "Saputiah Heart", "Shipwrecked in Lauik Cinto", "Jatuah Tapai", "Tigo Gayo Balam," and "Pakiah Geleang".
Tarun Songs creation more popularized by singer Elly Kasim and Lily Syarief. A small part by Erni Djohan, Tiar Ramon, Kardi Cape, Edi rostrum, and also popularized a versatile singer, Hetty Koes Endang. Lyrics of his songs, because it was so popular, legendary, and is considered a classic, the subject of study for the thesis of the student from the University of Andalas, Padang. Also be a follower of teachings of Sufism study materials.
In creating, Tarun not to lapa-researched, and with special learning. To create the song "Gasiang Tangkurak", for instance, he went up against clever (shaman) to study the skull tops, go into the woods and meditating. If she will mencu-kupkan terms, ie play a top of the skull, "transparent" is the science which he demanded. "Conditions that one I did not do, because of my initial intentions for the good. The song "Gasiang Tangkurak" and "Kanai Sijundai", which I created based on the experience goal to move people, especially among the young, do not do that, "said Tarun.
Literary value of the songs that she lifted from the incantations of the shamans, adapted to the natural rhythm of the song later made. He added, "Initially, I make the song sung for singer Tiar Ramon, but Elly Kasim asks for love and feel comfortable. After the singer popularized Elly Kasim, now back to the song popularized by singer Andi Honor. "
For any commercial purposes, a number of other creators of "cutting up" the rhythm of poetry and song creation Tarun. Should, according to Tarun, creator or youth music generation can now look for vocabulary or a new phrase, but have the same meaning.
"The song also became the identity of the creator. Than called imitators, impersonators, cheater, and so forth, better create new poetry, although its meaning the same as the old one, "he said.
One thing that makes Tarun, son Balingka the birth March 12, 1942, is concerned about is the number of pop songs that poem changed into the language of Minangkabau, known Pop Minang. Should, Minang realm of music artists to think how to make popular Minang songs, songs can be sung / popularized by everyone.
Completed the SR in Balingka and once in junior high school, SMEP, and INS Kayutanam, and to finish high school in Bukittinggi, Tarun who claimed to love to create poetry and watching Minang saluang arts with singing, in creating his works be inverted again and again, lest there are similarities with the work of others, both verses wanted any rhythm. In the process of creating, he often sang old singing-new look for his verse, or otherwise create a new first verse and then find their rhythm.
Tarun creation of the first song recorded was "Bugih Lamo," which until now has been on-record 11 times. Year 1996, the song won her award HDX. The song is up now becoming popular in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, with a poem that is transferred to the Indonesian language and changed the title of "Old Songs."
Nice to his works "valued" and "to live" with others, Tarun holds the principle would not condescending to his works. Modestly, according to him, would make God angry, because the ideas in creating the song is He who gives.
Therefore've done a lot for the arts Minang, in 2001 the father of seven children of the marriage-Misnani winannya with the origin of Makassar and the ka-kek of three grandchildren won Anugerah carts from the City Government Tourism Bukittinggi .*
SOURCE (Yurnaldi) Kompas, Thursday, January 31, 2002

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