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Anas Nafis

Reference Minang Walking

By Yurnaldi

Secrets of Harimau The Explosive Art of Pencak Silat Harimau Minangkabau [VHS]In the age of 74 years, she still looked nimble and smart. If asked something, he deftly answered at length as he reached for a simple book on a bookshelf in his living room that contains hundreds of references are mostly in Dutch or Arabic script-Malays. That morning she spent two glasses of warm coffee and smoking incessantly. He is Anas Nafis, a respected cultural Minang.
Anas Nafis open discussion about the origin of the name of Indonesia. "Indeed, the name of Indonesian people who found the albino. But, in the days of colonialism, the Dutch are reluctant to hear, let alone use it. For the Indonesian people, they prefer to use the word inlanders, or inheems (native) or bevolking van Nederlandsch Indie (population of the Netherlands East Indies), "he said.
Anas Nafis also mentions a big mistake when it was thought that the Indonesian name was first used by nomadic ethnologist Adolf Bastian in 1884. It can be read in Colonial Het Weekblad dated 16 September 1929 No 37 page 11 and Encyclopaedie van Winkler Prins (3e dr, 1908) and Encyclopaedie van Nederlandsch Indie (1918).
According to Anas Nafis, who discovered JR Logan said Indonesia is like writing in the Journal the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia (Volume IV, 1850, 254 pages, entitled The Ethnology of the Indian Archipelago. Indonesie Logan chose the name for the land of the Indian Archipelago and the Indonesians for its residents .
A number of ideas can flow out of the story. AA Navis Poets (1924-2003) when writing a short fall surau Us (1956) and numerous other short stories have admitted the idea of Anas Nafis.
Rice Terraces of the Minangkabau, Sumatra, Indonesia Photographic Poster Print by Robert Francis, 18x24Eros Djarot We want to find references about the hero of Aceh Cut Nyak Dien, one employee of the National Library in Jakarta to bring Eros Anas Nafis. Anas Nafis pleased to help, but he did not know the materials needed to make a movie Cut Nyak Dien.
When the mayor of Padang, Fauzi Bahar came to his house looking for references about the proposed Bagindo Aziz Chan became a national hero, Anas gave material to write a very complete and participate in local newspapers. Anas is a widower with three children who have not married pleased when Aziz Chan Bagindo now officially become a National Hero.
Documentation Center
In West Sumatera (Sumatra), Anas Nafis familiar to many people. Every day another who came to his house in Jalan Aur Duri I No 3A Padang.
"My principle, for the betterment and welfare of the people, what I have please take advantage. What can I help, I help. Borrow books please, do not pay," he said.
Unfortunately, there are also researchers, academics and artists who borrow reference and does not return. Anas remember anyone who has not returned the book. "It's my 60th title of the book is lost, not returned from the hands of borrowers," said Anas.
In the rented house, Anas store 520 titles of books published before World War II, hundreds or even thousands of newspaper clippings and magazines, as well as 800 drawings and photographs reproduced in the past that he is then stored in a computer shell casing, which lately is often acting out because his memory almost full . He has never bought a new computer comes true because as a retired limited financial capabilities.
Business Anas Nafis, who never taste of education in the Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University (1952-1955), collecting references, particularly about the Minangkabau, with the goal of keeping the people of West Sumatera and Indonesia do not have to search far to the Netherlands or Europe.
T-Shirt Mens Black " I love Minangkabau " Languages LargeIn 1987 he initiated the founding of the Documentation and Information Center of Minangkabau Culture (PDIKM) in Padang Panjang. Intent was received endorsement from the former head of Bulog Bustanil Arifin. Then, constructing homes to be made PDIKM bagonjong who has since become one of the main tourist destinations in West Sumatra.
PDIKM currently appalling conditions due to the lack of attention Padang Panjang Government and the Government of West Sumatra Province. As Director PDIKM Padang Panjang since 2003, Anas, a former teacher of natural science can not do anything but continue to collect the literature in order to open the horizons of society in many ways about the Minangkabau.
Beyond that, Anas Nafis continue to write articles about things related to Minangkabau Singgalang newspaper, wrote speeches customary, retell a number of manuscripts from the Dutch language, and so forth.
Year 2004, 10 manuscripts Minangkabau folktales which he adapted the Islamic Research Center issued and the Minangkabau. Previously, he wrote a book Proverb Minangkabau (in 1997) which has been reprinted many times. A number of scenarios he had written already filmed in TVRI, like Dang lord (1975) and kamang War (1980), and cultivating stories and film synopsis Palasik for RCTI (1997).
Anas Nafis seriousness collect literature and then process them, according to Secretary of the Arts Council of West Sumatra Nasrul Azwar, deserves dipujikan.
"But we are also concerned. Already he worked selflessly, caring for the City Government and the Provincial Government of West Sumatra Padang to Anas Nafisnya still lacking. He is very feasible given awards and decorations," he said. Anas Nafis died 18 April 2007 which was previously treated at the Hospital  M Djamil Padang. Kompas, Thursday, 6 April 2006

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