Saturday, May 8, 2010

National Heroes for People PRRI

By Wisran Hadi
It was impossible it could happen! How could it be given the title of national hero to PRRI figures, when all thoughts of the people of West Sumatra to this day still consider that the turbulent area called PRRI it as a rebellion.
From the side of the central government in Jakarta, such as the regional upheaval that was considered rebellion. But from his own side of West Sumatra, whether PRRI also considered the rebellion?
Heroes - Season ThreeIs not the presence PRRI represent the desire of the people of West Sumatra to Jakarta centralized system, and the desire to share the cake of development and power, between local and central government are in a fair balance?
Would not such a spark unrest will of the desire to obtain regional autonomy, so that each region can be rearranged herself according to the existing capabilities in those areas?
Perhaps now we need to go back to review about the existence PRRI. Two of the previous regime; Sukarno and Suharto has meluluh lantakkan PRRI presence, both physically and politically, because it is considered as a rival of a legitimate central government.
Both regimes are bound with the understanding PRRI said, but did not enter the essence of the problem more objectively. When a journalist once wrote dozens of letters Soewardi Idris's short stories about his involvement with PRRI, and dozens of regional upheaval eseinya about it, maybe we flinched read it.
Until finally we can find many things that are essential for our existence today. Whereas, regional upheaval that erupted and erupted so quickly and goes out so fast too, need to get a fair appreciation.
Maybe the characters are still fettered by PRRI accusation that they are "rebels", but from day to day that what the character is fighting to gain autonomy, to get proper treatment and balanced for each region in the region increasingly felt and real Homeland .
Are we so how could erase what the people fought for it and the people of West Sumatra just marginalized, erased, no longer handled your destination?
As a chain of national history, an event that was driven by regional upheavals PRRI not need to hide. If pengkhiatan PKI against this republic increasingly unforgivable, and if we can compare, how true "sin" against the country PRRI pengkhiatan compared with that of the communist party?
Until recently, both local governments mapun political figures always avoid when speaking the things that have past.
Emergency Government Issues and problems PRRI equally regarded as "the past" who do not need referred to again, because it could be considered disturbing the position of some of the characters.
Likewise PRRI figures, which of course they had many die, old man, also unable to explain in more palpable to the next generation, why would they engage in "sins" that can not be forgiven for that?
In this context, the position Soewardi Idris as the "anchor" and "transmitter khabar" on how the crisis is perceived, experienced by the people of West Sumatra is very important. Two of his book which was launched by TVRI Sumbar February 15, 2008;
Collection of short stories "Tribulation Area" and a stack of essays about the unrest area "Travel in the dark" is something that can be referred to as "cultural notes" from the history of this nation.
But it is also true, while the regional upheaval that has been so many casualties, life and property did not receive proper attention from today's generation, let alone his Soewardi Idris.
Such is the nature of our less admirable. PRRI considered defeat the insurgency. How if PRRI win? Maybe if PRRI it wins, will flock the people of West Sumatra was also carrying his characters to be proposed to be a National Hero.
Indeed, there are no losers figure made history. This means that the history of defeats including a "disgrace" of a society that is arrogant. But what about the arrested Imam Bonjol Netherlands, which also accused by the Dutch as a troublemaker and a rebel?
Imam Bonjol losing to Holland, but he viewed upside down by the Indonesian nation; he's a hero.
PRRI defeated by the central government, and whether the people of West Sumatra dare look at it upside down as they looked at Imam Bonjol; that PRRI has struggled to prevent the emergence of an authoritarian government; that PRRI been trying to gain autonomy and after 50 years away before it can be a bit of autonomy increments.
Although 50 years have passed PRRI events, but we still lost the guts to give appreciation.
Will we, the people of West Sumatra, continues to be the people who can not afford anymore to be thankful? *

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