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Haji Kamardi Rais Datuk Panjang Simulie

History Recorded the Scattered

By Yurnaldi

Through the book The Old Engine Type, Haji Kamardi Rais Datuk Panjang Simulie noted the wealth of history that is rarely found in other history books. Numerous historical accounts of fallen he says in the book.
During the launch and book review that was held in Padang Literary Community activists (KPSP), March 11 last, the invitation to remain seated when the show ended. People's feeling of respect to Datuk Simulie, Indigenous Stakeholders Minang a respected this.

In this book he, for example, tells about the Bung Hatta. When we did not see in other reading books about the relationship with the Government Emergency Hatta Republic of Indonesia (PDRI), or how the role of the Bung Hatta in the Emergency Government, Datuk Simulie provide answers, based on records of more than 30 years ago.

When he was active in the world of journalism and interviewing Mr. Prawiranegara Sjafruddin, leader of the Emergency Government (1948-1949) and leader of the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia or PRRI in the year 1958-1961.

"When I asked, he admitted that he never received the mandate from President Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta, Vice President. That is a mandate that gives the right to Mr. Prawiranegara Sjafruddin to form an emergency government in Sumatra (PDRI). Sjafruddin time as Minister of Prosperity RI was in Bukittinggi, "explained Datuk Simulie.

According Sjafruddin, as quoted Datuk Simulie, strategies and concepts of Emergency Government is actually the concept of Bung Hatta. Homeland situation when it was more serious and there are signs that the RI-Dutch negotiations would face a stalemate.

Sijobang: Sung Narrative Poetry of West Sumatra (Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture)According to the concept of Bung Hatta, the President will lead the government of Indonesia abroad. Hatta will lead an emergency government in Sumatra. While Dr Sukiman, Kiai Masykur, Susanto, General Sudirman, Simatupang, and AH Nasution will still lead the guerrillas on the island of Java.

After the Tapanuli, November 1948, Bung Hatta said, "Sjaf! Condition grew worse. Tone-tone straddling the Netherlands want the Renville Agreement. I was asked back to Yogya, Bung Karno. Sjaf lived here first. The concept we're already there. Stay we perform only. I'll come again. "

According to Datuk Simulie, what is called the strategy now like Kato urang Hatta Minang, "For those already in paruik Prawiranegara Sjafruddin prince."

Book Walk

The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for JesusDatuk Simulie even 73 years ago on March 12. In seuzur age, the father of 11 children has a sharp memory, and it still continues to write.

Datuk Simulie only educated up to secondary school level up. From his father, Datuk Rais H Machudung which he calls "local politicians", he received encouragement to learn a lot about life, including political issues.

He is now often referred to as a "book walk". If you told me about something, we listen to his explanation how to read a book. However, his explanation still more interesting than the book because he almost always told while imitating the style, intonation, and vocal person.

More than that, as a Stakeholder Traditional Minang Datuk Simulie is a person who is always anxious and concerned about the condition of Minangkabau adat and culture. He will be quick to respond whenever there is discussion concerning the Minangkabau adat and domains. Thanks to his old typewriter, ideas, exposure, reviews, and commentary were often read in print media publications in West Sumatra.

Speaking of Minangkabau adat, the customary speech rich with rhyme-rhyme, proverb-petatah, and so forth, Datuk Simulie is also one of the initiators and founders of the Institute and the Natural Density of Traditional Minangkabau (LKAAM) 40 years ago is very controlling. Therefore, he believed for a second time to be chairman of shoot density of Traditional Leadership and Institutions of Natural Minangkabau (LKAAM) West Sumatra from 2005 to 2010 period.

Until now, one that continues Simulie Datuk desire voiced since tens of years ago was how to revise Section lease rights (HGU) in Act No. 5 of 1960. The reason, the Minangkabau have heritage of customary law governing the matter of communal land or high pusako villages (the lowest government in Sumatra).

"Land in Minangkabau is lebensraum (room to live) and where he berkubur. The land is communal property, not only to be used by people who live today, but also cater for the next generation. Therefore, communal land should be passed on intact to future generations pelanjutnya , "said Datuk Simulie too.

In the age of 73 years, Datuk Simulie still strong in the office every day, even to attend and deliver remarks at various events.

Psmith, JournalistAs a journalist three times, the former Chief Editor of Daily Morale in Padang, West Sumatra branch of the former Chairman of PWI, and once a member of Provincial, Datuk Simulie still often invited convey thoughts and ideas in various aspects of life. Including appear to be guest speaker in various discussion forums, seminars, and workshops of national and international levels in various cities in Indonesia and abroad.

"One thing is very instrumental in this was my old typewriter, which since the 1970s up to now I still wear. For me, the tinkling sound of an old typewriter that has come to give inspiration to write the article line by the various print media," he said. Source KOMPAS, WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL 2006

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